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CNKI provides professional software products and services of various resources with unified search, unified navigation, online reading and download, such as Chinese academic literature, foreign literature, dissertations, newspapers, conference proceedings, yearbooks, reference books and so on. CONTACT US >

Digital Processing Services

In the filed of deep processing, CNKI has gone through continuous technological innovation and accumulation in terms of resource digitization and structuration for the past 20 years. It has developed a set of mature basic technology and technique running through the whole course of processing and integrated into a highly-customized digital production and management platform on a large scale. This platform is endowed with advancement, reliability, manageability, security and intellectuality. The final data types measure up the international standard and also meet users’ multiple requirements.

Processing Procedure
Processing Advantages

Rich Experience: By more than 20 years of technological innovation and experience accumulation, CNKI has developed a set of mature basic technologies and process methods throughout the structured processing.

Professional Equipment & Leading Technology: CNKI possesses professional ancient books scanning equipment. Its processing platform integrates various types of production and processing technologies. Text editing system, text recognition, rapid typesetting system and table analysis editing & processing technology have applied for patents and being authorized. The above four technologies are in the leading level in China.

Unified management: The processed digital resource system can be unified with other CNKI resources in identification, search and management.

Platform Release & Resource Integration: CNKI builds database based on the processed data, and further achieves the integration of user resources and CNKI resources.

Working ability: CNKI digital processing base has been built in Shanxi Province. It is committed to providing the world with internationalized and intensive digital processing services.