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Chinese Economic Association (CEA, UK/Europe)







The 21st century witnesses the continuous integration of the global economy, with economic and trade relations between China and other countries becoming increasingly closer. China is active in carrying out economic reforms to promote the country's opening up which in turn helps to optimize reforms. China’s economy has its own characteristics, and its development also affects the landscape and order of the global economy, attracting more scholars at home and abroad to study it in recent years.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping the world now, the Chinese economy is confronted with severe challenges both domestically and internationally. The academic community is facing new problems, provocations, and missions arising from this unprecedented pandemic.

This lecture series, designed to promote learning exchanges among academics, students and specialists from various countries, will take the form of annual lecture series and monthly lecture series. In the monthly lecture series, an authoritative expert or practitioner will be invited each month to share the trends and problems in China economic studies as well as their experience and methods in the research. Each lecture consists of a 45-minute speech and a 15-minute online Q&A.