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For Users

About Login

For Institutional Users
When logging in, system prompts: "Login failed, your IP address is not within the permitted scope!"
When you visit CNKI through your institution, the institution will set a range of IP addresses to access CNKI. Your access will not be allowed if your IP is not within this range.
Why can I log in successfully with the username and password, while cannot log in via IP automatic authentication?
IP automatic authentication(IP login) requires your IP address to exist in only one account. When your IP is included in two accounts at the same time, the system no longer supports the automatic login function. Please contact our customer service email services@int.cnki.net.
I have successfully logged in, but the system prompts to log in after downloading a few articles.
This situation is usually caused by a long period of inactivity before downloading, and the login information has timed out. Please log in again and download.
For CNKI cards Users
In the past,I used CNKI within China. Now, is it necessary to register for personal use abroad?
When logging in and recharging in countries and regions other than Chinese mainland(including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), please be sure to register and use an overseas personal account, and recharge the account through the Paypal channel. At the same time, you need to log in to the http://www.xgcdlgc.com/index/.
Why can't the verification code be displayed when registering?
Please try to refresh the page, and it is recommended to use a web browser with Internet Explorer 6.0 or above.
Why does it prompt that the user name already exists when registering?
The user name must be unique when registering. If it is prompted that it already exists, you need to change to another user name.
I forgot my account password, how can I retrieve it?

1) User self-search: Find the "forgot password" button from the login entry on the homepage, and retrieve the password according to the registered email address.

2) Contact customer service to find out: You can contact us through the customer service mailbox services@int.cnki.net, and you need to provide your CNKI personal account name and email address used during registration.

About Search

In which databases are the search box on the homepage searched by default?
The search box of the homepage can achieve search in the China Academic Journal Network Publishing Database, China doctoral dissertations and master’s theses full-text database, China Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database, International Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database, China Core Newspapers Full-text Database, China Yearbooks Full-text Database, Academic Monographic Serials Database, China Patent Full-text Database, Overseas Patent Abstract Database, Chinese Standard Full-text Database, China Industry Standard Full-text Database, The Professional Standards Full-text Database, Domestic and International Standard Bibliographic Database.
Does the homepage search box support Boolean search such as "AND","OR"?
The quick search box on the homepage does not support the logical search formulas of AND, OR, and NOT. The logical search formula can be used in advanced search and professional search. For specific usage methods, please refer to "User Guide"-" "General Platform"-"Search Method".
How to enter multiple search terms in the search box?
You can search in a box search, with a space between each word; you can also enter the corresponding search conditions in the advanced search, and the content entered in the search box should not exceed 120 characters; at the same time, you can also use professional search styles in professional search.
How can I retrieve the latest issue of a journal?

Go to the introduction page of a certain journal, click on the "Issue Browse" in the journal navigation, then you can query by year and issue, and retrieve the latest issue of the journal.As shown below:

How can I retrieve the journal if I know the journal title?
On the Journal Navigation page, select the search item "Journal Title/Former Title", and enter the journal name in the search box to retrieve the journal.
How to search core journals?

In the China Academic Journal Network Publishing Database, you can view all core journals through the "Core Journal Navigation" in the journal navigation.As shown below:

How to limit the retrieval only in the Online First Journals?

On the advanced search page, you can search only in the online first journals after checking the "Online First" qualification.As shown below:

About Download

After logging in, when searching and downloading some articles, it prompts: "Sorry, your organization did not order", how can I distinguish between order and non-order?
In the search result list, if the download icon on the right side of the article title is grayed out(), it means that the article is not ordered and has no download permission. If the download icon is blue(), it means the article It has been ordered and can be downloaded. The yellow download icon indicates that you have not logged in(), You need to log in before downloading.
Why are the articles belongs to the same major in literature, some can be downloaded, and some say: "Sorry, your organization did not order"?
CNKI's articles are classified according to the content. The article classification for literature majors may be Literature/ History/ Philosophy albums, or Education & Social Science albums. If the account only subscribes to one of the subject albums, the content that exists in the other album is not authorized to use.
What should I do if a prompt 504 is displayed when I click "PDF Download" when downloading?
Due to the large size of some documents, 504 errors are likely to occur when downloading PDF full text. It is recommended that you choose CAJ download or PDF chapter download first.
Why does the page prompt 5055 code when I click the download button?
This code means "the product is not within the validity period" and needs to be renewed before continuing to use it.
Why does the page prompt 5042 code when I click the download button?
This code means that your institution has not ordered this product, you can contact the administrator to order.
The login is successful, but why does it prompt "The maximum concurrent number of products is full" when I click on a certain database to enter or download?
Through institutional access, multiple users can use it online at the same time. The number of users online at the same time is the number of concurrent users. If the maximum concurrency limit has been reached, you must wait for the concurrent release before using it.
The school has ordered a CNKI product, why does it prompt to recharge after clicking the download button?
First, you need to confirm whether you have successfully logged in, and secondly, you need to verify whether the downloaded documents are within the scope of the school’s ordering products; when the number of concurrent school accounts is full, a recharge prompt will also appear when downloading.
Why does it prompt: "The product is not within the validity period!" when downloading?
The products ordered by an account all have a time limit, and they need to be renewed after the subscription expires before continuing to use; the validity period of different database products ordered by the same account may not be the same.
How to download articles in batches?
Please make sure you have installed the latest version of "CNKI Exploratory & Collaborative Studies (formerly E-Study)" client (version 5.2 and above),then on the literature search page, select "Batch Download" to download the es6 file to the local, and double-click the es6 file to import it to the client.
Is there a limit to the number of download articles?
For normal download behaviors, CNKI does not limit the number of downloads.
Why the article I downloaded has the suffix of .asp and cannot be opened for reading?
When using a third-party download tool such as Thunder Download, the downloaded document may have an ASP suffix, which is not a normal document format. You must turn off Thunder Download or download it using IE or other mainstream browsers by default.
What should I do if I cannot read the article using CAJViewer?
Please go to the homepage to download the latest version of CAJViewer.

About Database Usage

How to check the impact factor of a journal? What is the difference between composite impact factor and comprehensive impact factor?

The journal impact factor can be viewed on the journal navigation page; the difference between the composite impact factor and the comprehensive impact factor lies in the statistical scope. The statistical scope of the composite impact factor includes not only journals, but also doctoral and master's papers and conference papers. The statistical scope of the comprehensive impact factor only includes journals.As shown below:

How can I check the downloads and citations of an article?
On the search results page, you can view the number of downloads and citations of the literature.
How to save the retrieved bibliographic information?

In the search results, select the document you want to export, click "Export and Analysis", select the document again and click "Export Reference", select the format you want to save, and output to a local file.As shown below:

Why are some journals marked in purple on the search results page?
This part of journals is "Single Journals" published by CNKI.

About CNKI Card Usage

How to buy and use CNKI card?
Please log on to the homepage of CNKIhttp://www.xgcdlgc.com/index/,and click on the "International Card" module above to enter the individual card guideline.
Is there any restriction on the validity period after recharging the account?
There is no time limit for the amount of recharge via paypal; some activities are limited to vouchers or recharge cards, please use them according to the time indicated on the card.
Is the charge for downloading the same article repeated?
When downloading the same article repeatedly, the system will only charge one download fee.
How to check the cost of purchasing articles?

See the figure below for the pricing table of CNKI overseas billing account

How to check the account balance?
Log in to https://o.cnki.net/, and you can view the latest balance points of the current account in "User Information"---"Account Balance".

For Librarians

About Off-campus access

What should I do if the automatic login fails when I access CNKI through a proxy server?
If you do not access CNKI through a proxy server, you can log in automatically. Please refer to the proxy server configuration document of the "Off-campus Access" module on the homepage to modify the agency's proxy server settings. If your proxy server settings are consistent with our cooperation documents, please contact us to further check the problem.